Mintax’s Workout


Captain Mintax’s Galaxy-Busting Workout

When Goober asked to borrow my workout log so he could design his own fitness routine, I hesitated at first. My journal is no ordinary log. It’s a living history of my weightlifting progress over many years and I use it to tailor my future routines for maximum effectiveness. When I first got started in the sport at age 16, I didn’t have a mentor to guide me down the right path. I built my routines from scratch, learning as I went along. I wrote everything I did right in the journal and a few things that didn’t go as well as planned.

I wanted Goober to have the support I never did, so I offered to set up a workout schedule for him, but he preferred to do it on his own to prove he could. After considerable contemplation, I finally lent him my log. That’s the last time I ever saw it again.

He took my meticulously maintained log to the Stargazers Lounge so he could read it during lunch. When he sent his dishes to the cleaning unit afterward, he accidentally included the log along with them. Since the log wasn’t a part of the dinnerware, the computer sent it to the refuse recycling system along with the other debris. Jonn is looking at the possibility of recovering the data through a software manipulation of some sort, but I’m not optimistic.

From now on, I intend to keep my journal here in the ship’s computer, with plenty of backup copies so it can’t accidentally get destroyed again. What that means for you is that you can monitor my progress when I share certain routines. Keep in mind my program is tailored to suit my own interests, so don’t expect them to have the results for you if you try them out.

Safety always comes first during my workouts, and they should for you too. It’s hard to make progress if you hurt yourself in the process, so follow correct form and stop what you’re doing if something doesn’t feel right.

Good luck and train hard!

Captain Mintax



Captain Mintax

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