The Galaxy Purchase

Boy, do we have a treat for you this time! We found a collection of videos hidden deep within a password protected sector of the Starcruiser Galaxy’s computer, and you’ll never guess who stars in them. Okay, perhaps the mystery isn’t that hard to solve, but you can’t blame us for trying to keep up the suspense for just a little while, can you?

Without further ado, here they are. Enjoy!

Part 1 – Rationalizing the Big Score: Mintax attempts to rationalize attending a Tioran Federation auction to buy a used starcruiser.

Part 2 – Live from the Auction House: Mintax attends the Tioran Federation Auction to purchase a new ship, but is he taking on more than he can handle?

Part 3 – Lowered Expectations: Mintax finds out the true value of inspecting a ship before purchasing it at auction.

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